Dileep Kaluaratchie

IT Consultant, Project Manager and Technology Enthusiast.

Highly motivated, innovative and armed with an outstanding track record of commercial achievements.

"Challenges drive me, building inspires me
and my focus always is on improving business positively."

I effectively deliver integrated IT solutions while developing and maintaining a broad vision and cultivating excellent relationships along with a genuine passion for technology.


Enjoys being accountable and reporting to shareholders, directors and CEOs

Making Difference

Takes pride in making a difference to the organisation while solving complex problems.

First Class Honours

BSc (Hons.) Computing Science

Web Application Technologies, Large Scale Systems Development, Programming, Project Management



PRINCE2 is the world's most widely-adopted project management method. It is used by people and organizations in a range of different industries.

11 Proposed

2 UK/EU Patents

Using a predictive text module.........
eu GB2470585 

Tracking means to drag a window around a GUI without premature termination.......
numbereu GB2465808


Crypto Trading Bots

Built tools that allows automated trading using Binanace API, and Poloniex API. Made huge gains during uptrends and minimised looses during currency crashes by up to 40% compared to HODL for private clients.

Dileep is a highly imaginative and capable developer, with a real drive to innovate. He is intrinsically motivated to solve problems and engineer solutions

Warren Berdo
Head of Strategy - SkyCom

He's accommodating, proficient and polite with a subtle sense of humour. Platform agnostic and always up to date he has relevant input to bring to most workplace discussions.

Greg Gunner
Managing Director - Cistec

He has an excellent grasp of technical matters and could cope with the extremely varied methods of collecting/processing and presenting data from a multitude of Data Networks to a large varied Global user group

Tom O'Shea
DBA - Cable & Wireless

When I'm not working

My family travelled a lot when I was growing up. I still continue to travel to places I've never been. Working online allows me to work from spectacular locations around the world.

Humans should use their time for creativity and not repetitive tasks. Anything that can be automated, should be automated. 

2014 IT/Business Consultant

Crypto Currency Master-nodes
Private clients in the UK (from remote locations)
Setting up and managing master-nodes for private clients in the UK. Can't go into details due to client privacy.

Crypto Trading Bot
Private clients in the UK (from remote location)
Trading bots for Crypto Currency platforms minimising losses by up to 40% compared to HODL for private clients.

Developed end-to-end system with a team of talented developers which allows customers to purchase of Crypto Currency in physical form. Currently waiting for approval from Financial Regulation for expansion.

Telify UK/USA (from remote location)
Customer data management tool. Can't go into details due to NDA.

iOS App for Marisa Peer Program
- More Than Enough Limited UK
Led a team of talented individuals for design and development of course companion app.

Barritel/Barrite UK Telecoms (from remote location)
Project managing the process for the company to become GDPR compliant. Initial research, identifying data-endpoints, processing and storage within the company as well as communicating with 3rd party services to ensure that both Telecoms companies were GDPR compliment.

Barritel UK Telecoms (from remote location)
Revenue-boosting projects were initiated, researched, wrote specifications, and project teams were managed from start to finish.
https://www.conferoo.co.uk - New revenue stream.
https://thevoip.co - Allowing the company to acquire a new customer base. 

2007 Performance Engineer

Using Perl scripts to transform various unformatted raw data from switches located in 28 countries around the world to a single format and automating the process of entering data to large SQL server databases.
Writing and maintaining SQL Server Stored Procedures to filter raw data into useful tables.
Embedding complex SQL statements in Stored Procedures to retrieve Key Performance Indicator data from formatted tables.
SQL, SQL Stored Procedures and SQL Server management.

2012 Head of R&D

Introduced the use of requirement specifications and documentation.
Migrated the development team from using SVN to BitBucket (Git) allowing the company hire external developers for rapid development.
Translated product strategy into detailed requirements and prototypes.

Systems Engineer

Designing storyboards, concept images, animation, presentations for technical staff in the UK and management teams in Japan. Collaborating with engineering and management staff in Spain, France and Japan.
Designing high level architecture diagrams and writing pseudo code.
Developing and prototyping web applications using PHP, JavaScript, CSS and XHTML.
11 proposed patents.
2 EU joint patents.

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